Friday, March 18, 2011

How Many Rings Does Jupiter Have

How many rings does Jupiter have? Spacecraft Voyager 1 discovered in 1979th the rings of Jupiter, which was a great discovery. Jupiter has four rings: Halo ring, Main ring, Amalthea gossamer ring and Thebe gossamer ring.

Jupiter's rings found to be composed of debris from Jupiter's small inner satellites. Gossamer rings, thought to be meteoritic material ejected from its moons.

The rings are mostly composed of dust particles and extends all the way to the planet's surface. Closest to the Jupiter is the Halo ring, which is 30 500 kilometers wide and thick about 12 500 kilometers. On the Halo ring continues, 6 500 kilometers wide and 30-300 kilometers thick, Main ring.

Inside the Main ring are also Jupiter's moons Metis and Adrastea. It is believed that these two satellites are a source of materials (meteorites struck the debris ejected into space) for the Main ring, while the other two small inner satellites, Amalthea and Thebe, are source of material for a very rare Amalthea Gossamer (within Amalthea path) and Thebe Gossamer (between the orbits of Amalthea and Thebe) rings which continues on the Main ring.

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