Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Is A Comet

 Comet is a body came out of the Solar System. It does not move in line with the other planets, but by a very elongated orbit, and sometimes behind, near the Sun, develops a tail longer than 100 million kilometers. Comets are composed of blocks of ice and rock left over since the birth of the Solar System. Astronomers believe that the home of this ice rock is Oort cloud, which is named after Dutch astronomer Jan Oort. He is, according to the theory, far beyond the farthest planets.

The core of the comet
The core is the boulders of rocks and ice that lies at the heart of comet. When a comet approaches the Sun, it begins to melt from the heat. From the side facing the Sun jets of gas begin to flow. After that the rock fragments are released and create a tail of dust.

Each comet has a tail of dust and tail of gas. Solar wind throws them back, turning them from the sun.
Every 76 years the Halley comet returns to the center of the Solar System. In 1705th English astronomer Edmund Halley correctly predicted its return to the 1758th. The last time he returned in 1986th. The most common comet is Encke comet, which returns every 3.3 years.

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