Saturday, February 19, 2011

NASA discovered a gas giant Tyche

NASA discovered a gas giant Tyche who could become the ninth planet of the Solar System. Pluto lost his status as one of the planets in our Solar System five years ago and therefore the number had decreased from nine to eight. But NASA says that they discovered new gas giant, it is a gas giant called Tyche, which is located in the Oort Nebula. Tyche is four times larger than Jupiter and its atmosphere is similar to Jupiter's atmosphere. Its distance from the Sun is 15 000 times farther than Earth distance and 375 times farther than Pluto. This is exactly a reason why it is not detected before. 

It was first discovered by NASA telescope Wise. We believe that within the next two years we could clarify the "Tyche story" - said astrophysicist John Matese Whitmire and added that because of this discovery the International Astronomical Union (IAU) could introduce a new category in the selection of the planets within our Solar System. Also, Tyche is answer to the comets coming from the "opposite direction", and under the wrong angle. Scientists could not possibly know from where comets coming, but the confirmation of the theory is slowly coming.However, it will be difficult to prove because when the comet reaches the gas giant they become invisible to telescopes.
Tyche was named after the Greek goddess responsible for the fate of cities. This name was chosen because of discarded hypothesis of Nemesis, a planet that was supposed to destroy Earth. As in Greek mythology Tyche was a good sister, a Nemesis evil name is logically chosen.

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